5 Good Things about Religion


Religion is a double edged sword. It can be a force of good or a cause of strife. And it can be a sensitive topic, especially when talking with people of different faiths. But despite all the conflicts and wars rooted in religious beliefs, it remains to be a force for good. Here are some of the positive things about religion and why it can help in shaping a better world.

1. Religion provides a positive influence to its members through its own sets of moral codes and values. Observing certain standards of behavior can contribute to social good and building better communities.

2. Religion can help in mitigating conflict. There have been instances when different faiths promote cooperation and call for peace in times of global conflicts. Many individuals and groups from different faiths have also been known to provide a voice of reason and spiritual guidance in promoting peace.

3. Religion provides hope and opportunities. There are many inspiring stories of individuals who succeeded after getting help from religious groups and communities. Different faiths have their own systems of reaching out to troubled youths, the homeless, and many of the disenfranchised in society giving them a chance at finding success in life. From giving them homes to education among others, many people have benefited from the benevolence of the faithful.

4. Religion provides educational opportunities. There are many religious schools across the world that offer quality education to its students. Some of these schools are even known for outreach activities that aim to help educate children living in poverty. By creating opportunities for more people to become educated, the world’s religions are helping develop educated citizens.

5. Religion is rooted in great teachings that include love, peace, and harmony. Despite the conflicts it has triggered since the ancient times, all of the world’s religions are rooted on teachings that promote goodness with some even promoting love, peace, and harmony. To date, many influential religious leaders have lent their voices in promoting cooperation and peace.