A Quiet Time for the Mind


Have you ever wished you can tune out all that mental chatter you have even for a just a few seconds? Quieting the mind and understanding mindfulness may seem like simple concepts to learn. But for many people, they can be among the hardest things to do. To calm an active mind or at least keep it in the present moment may be a tough thing to learn. But it can improve your wellbeing. Here are some of the things worth doing to quiet and soothe your mind and just be present at any given time.

Be mindful of your thoughts. Tune out the unnecessary mental chatter. Stop unnecessary thoughts in its tracks by not dwelling on them. Avoid thinking about things related to the past or future that are not important to your present situation or reality.

Make time to do something that relaxes you. Keep a journal, spend time with your pet if you have one, grow a garden, or take up a meditative activity that will help you deliberately slow down mentally and physically. Losing yourself into the pleasure of doing something pleasant and relaxing can help in calming your mind.

Breathe deeply. Take a deep breath when you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts. Focus on the process and imagine that each time you exhale you are letting go of whatever you have in mind that overwhelms you.

Find a soothing space. Step out for a change of scenery. Go outside where you can get some fresh air, see trees, and bask in the sunshine. Think of nothing and open your senses to everything around you. Feel the breeze as you watch the leaves sway. Use nature to soothe your mind.